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JAM Media Solutions is here to make money for YOUR business offering the following services:

  • Comprehensive Needs Analysis - We will learn all about your business and determine the best way to tell your story.
  • Copy Development - Take advantage of copy writing skills honed over a 20 year career. Why should you do it, when we can?


And More!

  • Negotiation and placement of media schedules - We have developed and nurtured relationships with station groups across the country. As a result, we understand the formats and personalities that will deliver for your business! We deliver cost effective and efficient schedules that will deliver a RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT!
  • Development of Social Media/Digital Strategies - Endorsement advertising works through Social Media and digital advertising as well. Find out how by engaging JAM Media Solutions! If you are trying to run a business profitably then your focus should be: great environment, great products and great customer service. You don’t have to worry about ADVERTISING! Allow JAM Media Solutions to be your partners and deliver the customers and sales you desire. EXPERIENCE MATTERS. Let our 20 years of experience win for your business!

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JAM Media Solutions has offices in East Orange, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We can easily service businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and beyond.